About EBTmaps.com

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EBTmaps.com is the brainchild of two Web entreprenuers based in Los Angeles, CA. Seeing a need for a comprehensive online mapping search tool, it was built with the needs of the low income community in mind. The economic downturn has impacted Americans all over the country - directly increasing the need for government assistance in numbers never seen before. EBTmaps.com is the result of hours of data scrubbing and verifying, which makes it the most unique and up to date database of retail stores, restaurants, ATMs and farmers markets which accept EBT. The company is a privately held corporation based in California.

Legal Disclaimer The data displayed on EBTmaps.com is gathered from public sources and verified yearly. Please call the location ahead of time to confirm payment acceptance for EBT holders. EBTMaps.com is in no way affiliated with the vendors, government agency or any other organization listed on our network. EBTmaps.com is not liable for damages, fraud or any other claim related to content within our network or linked to our network.